The mission of the Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition (KACC) is to promote and encourage the increased use of bicycles. The Coalition works with other cycling organizations to represent the interests of cyclists and to secure improved conditions for bicycling.

Its major aims are:

· To raise the profile of cycling with the government and the public consistent with its health, recreational, environmental and economic benefits.

· To work toward a greater recognition of cycling as a part of the transportation network and incorporate bicycle use into policy, legislation and infrastructure to improve conditions and safety for cyclists.

· To encourage bicycle use among the public and promote safety and awareness through education/incentive programs for all road users.


2 Responses to “KACC”

  1. Greg Salloum Says:

    I use to get annoyed riding my bike to work, but that has all changed and hold on to your seats, its because the city responded to my complaint. I told them about riding on Leckie past a new multi-family development and the new driveway went through a bike lane and created a serious curb hazard for any road bike. Their initial response after they looked at it was that it was fine. I persisted to inform them (copied the mayor and council) and suggested it was a legal liability waiting to cause them grief. Lo and behold, I went by yesterday and they had cut down the curb on the new driveway and put in a gently slopping asphalt run down one side and up the other. So I say give credit where it is deserved: Kudos to the city. I am impressed by their response and timeliness. It may not seen like a big deal, but, the fact they at first agued the point and then changed their mind, they certainly deserve a bouquet.

  2. grantland Says:

    This is great news Greg! We have all had varying degrees of success with the City or Highways people and bouquets often work better than bricks.

    Cheers to you!

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