Kelowna’s bike route map on-line!


On the website you can find “active living” resources like Bike to Work week, bus routes and of course the bike route map. I think this is the first version. You can pick up the second printing at select bike shops and 4th floor at city hall. The link is Feel free to use this map to offer you suggestions on future bike routes or correcting current ones.

Kelowna bike route map  bicycleroutemap.gif


One Response to “Kelowna’s bike route map on-line!”

  1. John Janmaat Says:

    I think that it is great to see some interest in cycling. Being new to Kelowna, I am reasonably impressed by the efforts. However, having spent some time in the Netherlands, I have also seen how traffic calming and bicycle infrastructure can be done. In that regards, Kelowna still has a ways to go. I think that some serious investment is needed to actually turn a collection of bike lanes into a bicycle transportation network.

    I also think that an important thing to consider is the enjoyment factor. Dedicated cyclists may be comfortable, or determined enough, to cycle along Glenmore, Springfield, etc, with vehicle speeding by at 60-70, and inhaling exhaust at regular intervals – whenever accelerating vehicles pass by. However, if the goal is to get people out of their cars, infrastructure for dedicated cyclists isn’t going to do it. We need to develop a combination of parallel, traffic calmed streets, as done in Vancouver, and a network of off-street pathways where parallel routes are not available.

    Some thoughts.

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