What can I do?


*Ride your bike whenever you can – to work, to school, shopping and for exercise/recreation
*Ask your employer to provide a safe bike rack and a change room to encourage others to cycle
*Ask the businesses you frequent to install bike racks – the City will even pay half the cost!
*Ride safely – wear a helmet, be visible and follow the rules of the road
*Join us – we need your ideas and input!


One Response to “What can I do?”

  1. John Suttie Says:

    Just a note about the City paying 1/2 the price of bike rack installation. New buildings (for the past few years) to which the public have access, are required to have bike racks installed. This is by way of a City of Kelowna zoning bylaw. Unfortunately quite a few developers do not do this and the City has not enforced the bylaw.

    Owners of older buildings may apply to the City for a bike rack(s) and the City will share the cost of the rack and installation. Some examples of this are Glenpark Village, Glenmore Plaza and Home Hardware on Springfield. These racks were installed because cyclist(s) brought the program to the attention of the business owners.

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