Street sweeping


What can be said about that? You can find some nasty things in the bike lane.

I think you can contact the City’s Eagle Eye hotline and report problems like that or perhaps even cars parked in the bike lane.

Let me know how it goes for you. or 469-8600 for immediate attention.


One Response to “Street sweeping”

  1. grantland Says:

    Here is the response after a Blog reader sent an email to EagleEye about gravel on Casorso:

    We’ll send the sweepers out there to clean that up. Usually it takes a few rainfalls before the gravel is compacted enough to stay in place. At intersections we can install some asphalt curbing but we can’t install continuous curb due to the need for road drainage.

    Speeding!! This too is a common problem on almost all roads in Kelowna. Unfortunately there’s not a lot I can do about that, especially on rural, arterial roads, however we are collecting some speed data in that area over the summer so we’ll take a look at it and ask for police enforcement if we find there is a particular time when they could do some productive enforcement.

    We are also trying to acquire land on the west side of Casorso, between Swamp and Dehart Rd. so that we can install bicycle lanes.
    Laurens Campbell, AScT
    Traffic Technologist
    City of Kelowna

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