Wheels for Change


The Wheels for Change group is doing a ride from Nelson to Victoria to
bring attention to climate change.  They will be riding from Penticton
to Kelowna on the 7th of July.

Some local riders are planning an unorganized ride from Kelowna to
meet the group sometime midday on the 7th of July.  Interested people can contact me at 979-0009 or by email.

Wheels for Change


One Response to “Wheels for Change”

  1. grantland Says:

    Looking forward to this event. It will include riding into town with the group, a group ride around 5pm and a potluck afterward.

    From Celia Auclair:
    You can take part by:
    – Joining our bike tour (all are welcome, whether you cycle for one hour, one day, one week, or the full three week campaign).
    – Participating in our community events along the route.
    – Sharing inspiring stories on what you are doing or planning to do in your own lives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and live more sustainably.
    – Signing our postcards demanding stronger action from all levels of governments.
    If you’re interested in joining our campaign, we invite you to visit our website at: http://wheelsforchange.ca/ and register now while there’s still room!

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