Bus vs. bike


I was riding on Enterprise today about 10:20 am.  My speed was about 25 km.  A city bus passed me and then immediately cut into the bike lane to stop at a bus stop.  I had to brake hard and then cut into the lane of traffic and go around.  Had the driver slowed a bit and waited about 2 seconds I would have been clear of the stop.

I have a call into the transit people to let them know.  Normally I would ignore this but it was a fairly close call and I had a similar thing happen a few months ago with another city bus – I did not complain that time.

In my experience most drivers are good but it only takes one to “make your day”.  Have other cyclists had similar experiences in Kelowna?

John C. Suttie.


One Response to “Bus vs. bike”

  1. John Suttie Says:

    A followup to the above. I did notify the Kelowna Transit office and spoke to a supervisor. The supervisor asked good questions and later spoke to the driver about the incident. He also advised me their newsletter to driver’s would mention cyclists and request that driver’s pay close attention to interactions with bikes.

    I would like to compliment the transit office on their handling of this and give them my thanks.


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