Vehicles parked in bike lanes


Construction parking Verve Development – along northbound bicycle lane
on Valley Rd.

I have contacted Eagle Eye about 5 times in the last three weeks about the amount of illegal parking in the north bound bike lane on Valley Rd. The parking is mainly construction workers/contractors from the Okanagan Mission Group’s Verve development.  The lane is usually totally blocked for about 100 metres from 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.  This is at a busy intersection and forces cyclists out onto the main lane of traffic.

It appears that I am not the only one who has contacted the City of Kelowna about this problem.

I have asked for a rundown of action taken by bylaw enforcement and have received one call from their office.  The enforcement officer advised that some time ago they had taken tow trucks to remove vehicles on nearby Yates rd (vehicles parked illegally and in bus zones).  They have not done this on the bike lane.  He further advised that ticketing the offending vehicles is one thing but it does not remove the problem (I agree with this).  The gist of the conversation is that City higher ups do not wish to (1) post no parking signs along the shoulder of the bike lane (2) tow offending vehicles.  The enforcement officer did talk to one of the contractors on the Verve site but they cannot dictate employee activity when they are off the site.

The officer advised me that in the case of repeat offenders they can issue a “long form” information thus forcing the registered owner to attend court.  Otherwise they can pay (or not) the $30 fine when a ticket is issued to a car parked illegally.  If they pay right away the fine is reduced to $25.

He mentioned three examples of “long forms” issued to cyclists.  All three went to court.

Since the telephone conversation I have contacted Eagle Eye two more times, each time asking that I be advised of action taken and that I receive the answer to two questions:

1) Has the bylaw enforcement office issued any long form informations to any of the registered owners of cars illegally parked in the bike lane on Valley road?

2) Has the bylaw enforcement office issued any long form informations to any registered owner of cars illegally parked in bike lanes in Kelowna in the last two years?

I would be interested in answers to the above questions and also would like to see some activity on the part of the City of Kelowna that would actually end this problem.  I have recently noted that at least one construction worker at the new Dr. Knox replacement school is using the one bike lane on Cross Road as a parking spot.  I have reported this twice along with the licence plate and received no notice as to any action taking place.

John C. Suttie.


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