UBCO access – further information


Another point regarding the flyover project is as follows. The flyover project was funded to provide easier access to the UBCO campus by motor vehicle (and to a lesser extent, City buses). I have heard that the total cost was $9 million and another quote mentioned that it was $11 million. It was completed in time and since September of this year has been in use. It involves various road and sidewalk improvements on campus but the main part of it is the road that exits to the right, imediately after the north end of the Ellison overpass and proceeds over Hwy 97 to the campus.

This “improvement” has meant that cyclists heading to points north of the campus, face an even more dangerous situation than before the flyover was in operation. Cyclists must now brave the narrow overpass and then dodge and avoid any high speed vehicles turning to the right onto the flyover, to reach the campus.

This situation will remain until there is a viable bypass around the over pass or until the overpass is widened. So far I have seen no evidence to believe that there are any plans to widen the overpass to accomodate cyclists and I am very concerned that the “optional route” to campus will be held up for a considerable amount of time because of bureaucratic problems.

There is one bypass route around the Ellison overpass but it involves a considerable detour and is not practical for most cyclists. This route involves turning east on Old Vernon Road, at the intersection of Old Vernon and Rutland Road and proceeding around the back side of the airport and then onto Spencer to return to Hwy 97. I don’t feel it is reasonable to expect cyclists to go that far out of their way.



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