Glenmore Road – bike lanes


I spoke to Doug Elmore yesterday. Doug is circulating a petition asking that the City put bike lanes along the side of Glenmore Road from it’s intersection with McKinley Rd. to Lake Country. Currently the lanes end just north of the landfill.

I used to ride to Lake Country occassionally back in the early 1990’s. It wasn’t a bad training loop riding out by way of Glenmore and then returning to Kelowna on Hwy 97. In those days the traffic was light and the lack of bike lanes wasn’t a serious drawback.

Residential development in Lake Country has resulted in Glenmore Rd. becoming the main route into town for thousands of motor vehicles. It is now very unpleasant if not downright dangerous to ride the northern portions of Glenmore Road most times of the day.

Several years ago the City of Kelowna resurfaced the northern portions of Glenmore Road, in order to give it a few extra years life. This raised the surface an inch or two resulting in a drop from the pavement to the shoulder. It may have been good for motorists and the City’s budget but it made the route even worse for cycling.

To sign Doug’s petition check at any of the local bike shops, including Gerrick Cycles, Kelowna Cycles, Fresh Air Experience and Cyclepath. Please note that the Mayor and city have made it clear that they give petitions very little consideration – it would worthwhile to sign the petition and also write a letter to the “Mayor and Council”. It is my understanding that if you write the Mayor and Council you will get a response – if you write to departments within the City you may not receive an answer.

Mayor and Council, City of Kelowna, 1435 Water St., Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 1J4

or:  – email addresses are on this page along with information on contacting council members and the Mayor.



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