Glenmore Valley to UBCO – bike/pedestrian access


Robert Rd. “private” sign, looking north.Robert Rd. – looking north towards UBCO from Curtis Rd. – taken 17 Nov 2007.

The only safe route to UBCO is through the Glenmore Valley by way of Valley road, Curtis Rd and Robert Road, a private road. The private road winds it’s way past Robert Lake and up a short dirt path to the UBCO parking lot.

There are a few problems with this route:

1) It is a private road with intimidating signs on both ends prohibiting “cyclists, dogs, pedestrians”.

2) Several residents living along the road are unhappy sharing it with people using it to access UBCO.

3) UBCO owns property along the road and advise that they have a legal opinion that their invitees (students, staff and faculty) have a right to use the road. This is a legal opinion only and to my knowledge has never been tested in court.

4) A representative of UBCO told me over a year ago that UBCO was seeking a legal order to remove the signs – they are still in place.

5) In my opinion if a cyclist or pedestrian had difficulties along the road with a dog or motor vehicle, UBCO would not assist them with legal expenses. It is also unlikely that the RCMP would be interested (short of very serious injury) – it is more likely that they would treat it as a civil matter and not get involved.

6) The road surface is not good, most is gravel and washboard. In winter it is icy and not well maintained. Last winter the UBCO end was impassable for a few days due to the plowing of snow off the UBCO parking lot onto the end of the path.

7) The route is very much out of the way for anyone travelling from the Rutland area (an area where many students live).

Notwithstanding the above, it is the only safe route to the campus from the south. The City of Kelowna has shown no interest in improving this access by way of negotiation or expropriation, content to wait until some other means of access is developed – Hollywood road north or a route across to Glenmore Rd., near the landfill. Your guess is as good as mine as to when these routes will be complete.



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