Great idea, Poor application


Great idea, poor application

I took this photo today, just in front of the Bean Scene on Bernard Ave.  About two years ago the city removed the parking meters from several blocks on Bernard and replaced them with these solar powered kiosks.  They used the sign posts for two purposes – indicating the location of each kiosk and bike parking.  Unfortunately the person installing or planning the installations did not think of how they were to be used for bike parking.  Only one side is good for parking because of their close placement to the kiosk and that side puts the bike at risk from vehicles with long overhangs on front – as a result these racks are seldom used.

You will note my bike against the tree.

On a positive note, the City plans to install a number of new racks and lockers in the downtown area in the foreseeable future.



2 Responses to “Great idea, Poor application”

  1. jack Says:

    I don’t ride a lot but I locked my bike to them everytime I am on Brenard. I got ticketed a few years ago locking my bike to a meter so I’m glad they are there.

    You bike won’t get hit since the bigrings / sign are on the far end of the angle parking stills. The wheel hit the curb long before your bike would get hit. Look at the picture.

  2. joe Says:

    We just got these kiosks in Austin, but without the bike rack. I actually think they should install those racks along w/ the meters in Austin, since we have so many bikers and not enough places to park them.

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