A pleasant ride



This route is actually another possibility for access to UBCO. There presently exists a gravel path from near the back of the weather station at the UBCO campus to Quail Ridge. It follows the old Glenmore Ellison water line and was put in by City Parks some time ago. Although gravel, it is an easy rolling ride and has no vehicle interaction – recommended for those looking for a nice outing.

The route partially shown above is the more southerly reach of the Glenmore Ellison water line and is rough. It starts about 100 metres onto Curtis Rd. from Sexsmith (as shown) with a very steep but short hill up to the water line. As you go up the hill there is a short white picket fence to the left.

The route itself leads to a point above the south east corner of the parking lot at UBCO. It is quite flat but not a great surface, with shale and rock in different areas. I would strongly suggest a mountain bike with knobby tires and a rider with some experience (or walk the more difficult areas). The path is about 1/2 way up the hillside and leads above the houses along Robert Rd.

I believe that this should be improved as an extension of the path from Quail Ridge to UBCO – if you agree with this contact the City Parks dept. and ask them about it. Apparently the water line right of way extends over to Dilworth Mountain but some parts of it have been “taken over” by land owners along the way.

City Parks Dept. – (250) 469-8503



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