A post from Menno, a bike commuter


“October 25th, 2007 – Riding to work today from the Westside to Kelowna, the sidewalk on the bridge was obstructed.  The metal doors accessing the pontoons were up and blocked me. I had to go onto the car lane on my bike – risky!  There were no warning signs prior to getting on the bridge from the Casa Loma entrance.  This is the fourth time since September that this has happened.”

I apologize for the delay on posting this.  Grant and I walked from Kelowna over the bridge about two weeks ago.  There was a considerable amount of construction and vehicles parked on the east side (near the mini golf) bike lane and as far as we could tell bike traffic coming down the hill was being directed into a very narrow lane along with motor vehicle traffic.  I do not know where cyclists heading up the hill were to go.  I avoid that area as much as possible for obvious reasons.

If you have any comments about this or can provide more information on the current situation please let me know so that I can update this.  From what I have seen cyclists are not seriously considered when roads are being planned and built by the  Dept. of Transportation (Provincial).

John   jsuttie(at)silk.net


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