Ubco access – again


I have spent a lot of time lately preparing for a campaign for better access to UBCO. Two days ago I sent out an email to all of my cycling contacts asking that they write letters to the Minister of Transportation with copies to the City, UBCO, both MLA’s, our MP and Minister of Environment. I have been working on this with Dr. Rebbeca Tyson and Dr. Gordon Lovegrove of UBCO and thank them for all the work they have done.

I have just sent in a letter to the editor for the courier and one to the Transportation Minister as a “kick off” for this process.

Arrangements are being made to post the following information on a different website:

– summary of UBCO access situation (the same info as on this blog, just more compact)

– list of contacts including the Mayor, MLA’s, MP etc.

– sample letters for the Minister of Transportation.

Once these files are posted I will link to them from this blog. In the meantime if you want a copy of the email and attachments feel free to email me at: (jsuttie(at)silk.net)

Please consider writing to the City, UBCO and the Dept. of Tranportation and also sending in letters to the editor about this situation. Cyclists will not get better facilities unless they get active. We are taxpayers, voters and customers and deserve better.

I have been having computer problems and in addition silk internet was down for most of yesterday. Hopefully this won’t last long but for now I will be a little slow answering emails.



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