Kelowna Cycling Coalition – update from meeting


The KCC met on the 6th of December – here are a few highlights:

The City is planning to add a number of bike racks and lockers in the downtown area over the next year.  They realize that they are needed to replace some inadequate racks and to provide more in some areas.

Doug Elmore attended the meeting and discussion ensued about bike lanes vs. a separate bike path along Glenmore Rd from near the McKinley Landing road to Lake Country (about 5.9 km).  Even though the City plans to eventually upgrade the road and add bike lanes on each side, the majority of those at the meeting felt that this was inadequate.  The following points were raised:

– traffic will increase tremendously on that road in the next few years due to continued development in the Lake Country area, more truck traffic due to the Glenmore Landfill, and more traffic to UBCO once the road is completed from the Landfill area on Glenmore across to the campus.

– this traffic will be high speed and will include a large number of big vehicles.

– lanes alongside high speed traffic are very discouraging to novice cyclists and not very enjoyable for any cyclist.   If the City wishes to increase the numbers of commuters from Lake Country then a separate path for cyclists is the best way to go.

Doug has petitions at the main bike shops in town. Please stop by and sign one.  If you are not a cyclist consider that every cyclist means one less car and that makes your commute easier.


Discussion also arose about access to the ends of the soon to be completed “Rails withTrails”.  The City has to find a way to ensure safe and easy access from the lake front to the beginning of the trail near the corner of Gordon and the Central Okanagan Bypass.  They are also working on a way to link the end at Spall to the bike lanes on Enterprise.  Suffice to say that I am interested to see how this is done – I am quite happy that I don’t have this problem on my plate, especially the Spall end of the trail.



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