Bike racks – more


As mentioned in an earlier post, the City of Kelowna has a program to assist in providing bike racks at older commercial buildings (those to which the public are invitees such as retail businesses).

A few years ago the City passed a zoning bylaw requiring that “approved bike racks” be installed at all new commercial buildings. Great idea. The application of the bylaw has left something to be desired. A number of new buildings in town have no racks, unsuitable racks or have hidden them away in positions to make a bike thief weep with joy.

There is a definition of an approved rack – I won’t go into it here but it following it will certainly yield a decent rack.

 102_1914.jpg  102_1915.jpg

The two photos above are a graphic description of this. The Interior Savings and Valley First Credit union buildings are about 1/2 block apart on Glenmore Rd. They were built pretty much at the same time and were both built under the new bike rack zoning bylaw.

With regards to the top photo, you will note that Interior Savings has fulfilled the provisions of the bylaw – a very decent rack, located in a visible location near the front door.

Valley First cycling customers are not so fortunate. Note the “wheel wrecker” to the left of the Valley First front door. To make matters worse, the Valley First building is also home to Pace fitness studio.

I don’t know that the credit unions or the fitness studio are the responsible parties – they may have taken over the buildings after completion or may be leasees.

What’s the big deal you may ask? If you operate a motor vehicle you expect a business to provide decent, and safe parking for your vehicle. You will find that a business providing inadequate parking is unlikely to be allowed to operate. This is especially true of new buildings. As a motor vehicle operator you will not be expected to plead or lobby for a spot to park your automobile – you can get on with your life with no trouble. Yet if you are a cyclist you are continually on the lookout for an adequate place to lock up your bike (often worth more money than some people’s automobiles) and in order to get that you often have to write letters, lobby and otherwise disrupt your life.

The good news is that the City has been aware (for several years) of the problems with enforcement of the zoning bylaw and is trying to do something about it. They are also considering other additions to City bylaws such as requiring new buildings to have showers and lockers for cyclists (and possibly pedestrians – not sure of this).



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