Addition to signs – north end of Robert Rd.


I received an email this morning advising that UBCO had posted signs at the north end of Robert Rd. advising that invitees of UBCO were welcome to use the road as access. Being curious and hoping for the best I got out the bike and took a ride over. There is no change at the south end – still the very obvious “no pedestrians, dogs, cyclists etc.” sign, but at the north end there are 4 small signs added by UBCO, two are visible when heading north and two when headed south. See the photo below. The sign itself is about 10 in. high by 16 in. or so wide.

I hope this is an intermediate step, by UBCO, before taking action to remove the private property signs. If so then it is probably a subtle way to inform the residents of the area that UBCO sanctions the use of the road for their students and staff.

UBCO deserves a vote of thanks for getting the process on the way.


It was a bit below freezing when I biked over and other than being careful on the packed snow I had no problems. I was using a mountain bike and knobby tires. The private road was actually smoother than it often is in the summer. Curtis Rd and others in the area were generally bare although the bike lanes were covered in sand, ice and hard snow in many places.



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