Road Right of Way – near Robert Rd.


I came across this information recently. In the early 1960’s the province planned to route Hwy 97 through the Glenmore Valley and through the north west part of what is now the UBCO campus. They obtained a road right of way to allow this and later made a decision to put Hwy 97 where it is now located. The road right of way still exists and is in the care and control of the City of Kelowna. The map shows the applicable portion of that right of way in red, just to the north west of Robert Rd. Note that most of the rights of way shown are not existing roads.

At some point there was mention of a plan to use this right of way to go across Robert Lake (via a boardwalk or something similar) and then to the UBCO campus. I don’t believe anyone has pursued this option very strongly.

This route crosses Robert Lake and an environmental area however a properly designed boardwalk for pedestrians and cyclists may be an attraction to bird watchers and would have a fairly light footprint. Similar projects have been done on the lakefront.

The City plans to add bike lanes to a road that will eventually go from Glenmore Rd, just south of the landfill over to the UBCO campus. They now have control (ownership I believe) of the land between Glenmore and the campus (Tutt Farm area) although it is in the Agriculture Land Reserve and there may be difficulties in getting approval for a road(s) through it.

I don’t believe that this should be the main route to the campus as it makes it a longer commute from town although better for anyone coming from Lake Country (if Glenmore is ever improved enough to allow cycling from that area). Cyclists concerned about this might want to act sooner rather than later as once the route is put in near the Landfill, the City will be very unlikely to entertain a shorter one in the area of Curtis Road.

Grant and I were able to spend a couple of hours on the blog the other day and now comments should be forwarded to my email address. Please let me know of any other information you might have or anything that should be added to the blog.

I realize that a lot of the content is about UBCO access and the Glenmore Valley. I hope to get out and about in other areas of town in the spring and diversify the information. In the meantime I could use some information relating to other areas.

In the meantime Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.



One Response to “Road Right of Way – near Robert Rd.”

  1. EG Winfre Says:

    It seems you have good intentions and ideas. You may want to check with an attorney before you put time and money into your ideas. Typically, right-of-ways are bought for specific purposes–such as the highway you mentioned. The rights taken for the right-of-way are considered personal property and belonged to specific, individual landowners (i.e. real people like me and you). In many cases these rights can and should be returned to the rightful owners if the purpose for which they were taken is not pursued in a reasonable time period. It would be dishonest and morally wrong to confiscate someone’s land, even if they are offered some token payment, and then use the land for any other purpose.

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