Groceries by Bike


A Cambridge (UK) supermarket has teamed up with their city to provide bike trailers for shoppers. The shopper signs up for the program, has a small bracket installed on the seat post of thier bike and then is loaned a trailer when they arrive at the store. They have three days to return the trailer. This sounds like a great way to increase “return business”. I often use paniers to haul a few groceries but it is very limiting – a trailer would be much more convenient but few cyclists have them.

More information here:

Another article I noticed is about a new bike rental program (similar to that in Paris) that is being instituted in Barcelona – called Bicing. The article talked about how the program was instituted but the part that caught my eye was a claim that 53% of Barcelona’s road network is car free. Never having been to Barcelona I have no idea if this is accurate.

How much of Kelowna’s road network is car free? None that I can think of. We do have a car free street (a couple of blocks) for a few hours once per year so I guess that qualifies us a bit.

For more information on Bicing see:



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