Car-head – our attitudes about transportation


Allan Durning has a blog about cycling and transportation in the Seattle area. He and his family recently decided to go carless. Considering the number of services within a short walk or ride from his home it was probably easier than for most people living in our area but he has a young family and they all deserve credit. One of his posts discusses our western attitudes around car culture – “cars are transportation”. A well thought out and interesting article. You can find it here:

Locally, the provincial Dept. of Transportation is careful to label the paved sides of highways “shoulders” – no recognition that they may be used by cyclists. It is also my understanding that when they build a highway in a built up area, there is no provision for sidewalks – that is the reponsibility of the local City or Town. It certainly seems that they feel little responsiblity for cyclists if Hwy 97 in the Okanagan is any indication.

The City of Kelowna seldom builds a bike lane or pedestrian route first – with a few exceptions, these are built after nearby roads are complete and in use.

It would appear that car-head culture is alive and well in the Okanagan.

Following up on the clearing of snow from bike lanes – I have noticed the last couple of days that there may have been work done to push snow away from the lanes on Glenmore Rd. The lanes are somewhat clear now anyway so that is a good thing.



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