Kelowna and Area Cycling Coalition (KACC)


The KACC has been working to promote cycling in the Kelowna area for a number of years.

Its major aims are:

  • To raise the profile of cycling with the government and the public consistent with its health, recreational, environmental and economic benefits.

  • To work toward a greater recognition of cycling as a part of the transportation network and incorporate bicycle use into policy, legislation and infrastructure to improve conditions and safety for cyclists.

  • To encourage bicycle use among the public and promote safety and awareness through education/incentive programs for all road users.

A few areas of involvement at this time are:

– working to obtain safe and legal access to the UBCO campus through the Glenmore Valley and from the Rutland area.

– assisting the City with planning of cycling and pedestrian routes in the downtown core and built up areas.

– lobbying for better cycling and pedestrian routes and facilities throughout the Kelowna area.

– assisting the City with the next addition of the Kelowna Bicycle route map.

– assisting with a campaign to improve cycling/pedestrian routes from Lake Country to Kelowna.

– involvement in regular events such as Bike to Work Week and the Mayor’s Environmental Expo.

The KACC meets on the first Thursday of each month at 4:00 pm at the Bean Scene located at 274 Bernard Ave., in downtown Kelowna.  Come down and learn more about cycling in Kelowna.  The KACC is for all cyclists.

Contact Don Knox (764-2498) for further information or post a comment on this blog.



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