Soaring Eagle Proposal – Cycling Wine Routes


A very recent email from the B.C. Cycling Coalition asked that the following information be brought to the attention of area cyclists. The following is taken directly from that email:

“A few months ago, the British Columbia Cycling Coalition (BCCC) approached the BC Government and proposed a provincial-wide network of cycling routes aimed at encouraging touring cycling within the province. BC’s Soaring Eagle Cycling Routes has been the working title for this proposal by the BCCC.”

“BCCC’s proposal was inspired by Québec’s very successful provincial-wide touring cycling network called “La Route Verte” ( ). With such spectacular scenery, why does this province not have such capabilities for touring cycling? If you like the proposal and want to show your support for it, do not hesitate to let the Premier ( or the Minister of Transportation ( know.”

“The province has shown interest in the concept and has asked the BCCC to propose routes in three areas within the province:

1. Circular routes within the wine country of Kelowna from Vernon on the north side and Osoyoos at the south end.

2. Circular routes on the Southern parts of Vancouver Island from Nanaimo south to the San Juan Strait, including the Gulf Islands.

3. From the Georgia Strait through Metro Vancouver up the Fraser Valley to Hope.”

“The Cycling Routes should be appealing to touring cyclists of all skills capabilities, personal effort expenditure, and confidence with cycling on roads. The Routes should also interest out-of-province and British Columbian touring cyclists on day, weekend, or longer trips.”

“The work has started by gathering input for interesting routes from touring cyclists. Now, you are being called on for your suggestions for these three areas.”

“Your input before February 29 would be much appreciated.”

See the link below for routes and your input.

Soaring Eagle Proposal

Okanagan Wine route page:

Soaring Eagle Okanagan Wine Routes

(click on the map for further detail)

Please note that some of the route(s) suggested for the Okanagan Wine route are not practical. Right now there are no safe routes from Kelowna to Lake Country although Glenmore road is suggested as a “lower traffic volume route”. This is simply not accurate. Hwy 97 is also suggested as a route to Vernon from Kelowna, totally ignoring the fact that it is dangerous in a number of areas. I don’t mention this as criticism of those putting the map together, just a reminder that local cyclists must provide input or we will end up with less than viable routes.



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