B.C. Cycling Coalition Meeting – Kelowna


The BCCC is looking into holding their June board meeting in Kelowna this year. They have been holding such meetings in different areas of the Province in order to publicize cycling initiatives and attract attention to local cycle groups.

A suggested agenda for a two day event is:

  • A presentation on cycling infrastructure designs with a Third Wave of Cyclist or European bent to it.
  • Putting on the Third Wave of Cyclists presentation (third wave)
  • A two hour networking event with the local coalitions – general discussions on cycling issues in the area, the local coalition providing an overview of the area with cycling opportunities, issues, and existing infrastructure, a discussion on how the local cycling coalitions and the BCCC could work on some common issues and opportunities.
  • A BCCC Board meeting which is open to all and the local coalition and cyclists would fully participate in the agenda items (usually three hours or more).

There is also the possibility of a local wine tour open to the public and an evening meal get together (feast).

This is a great opportunity for local cyclists to get involved with the BCCC and also to get more organized towards improving cycling infrastructure in our Valley.

It may also be a great opportunity to have some “ride ins” to areas of our highways and byways that are in need of improvement – I can’t think of any offhand, can you??

This will be discussed at the next Kelowna and Area Cycling Coalition meeting (7th February 2008, 4:00 pm – Bean Scene on Bernard Ave., Kelowna). Please consider coming to the meeting as there are lots of items for discussion. I expect that the KACC will be the lead in hosting this event so please come out and provide a hand.



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