Robert Road Access – UBCO


This comment came in today regarding the UBCO access situation. I have made it a post as that is what Paul wanted. The link noted below is to a copy of a letter put in the Phoenix recently by Phil Armstrong. I have referred to it in a previous post.


“I can’t figure out how to start a new post here, so I’m just replying to the latest one. I scanned the recent article from the Phoenix (student newspaper) on bike access via Roberts Lake, and put it at

The riding on that road is better than the article outlines, but the private property issues are very real ones that I feel the University community is overstepping its hospitality. We have recently had fairly good relationships (or at least a lack of really bad relationships) with the property owners, but with all of the cars using the road to drop off students at the gate I think we’re looking at the issue blowing up on us again. That would be unfortunate.

Current road report: Packed snow, some ice especially at the entrance. Back gate is fine except for right after a plowing of the parking lot.”

Paul Shipley


Note: I am still learning about the use of the blog. The way it is set up now, only Grant or I can post directly. If you wish to contribute a new post please send it in as a comment with the request that it be a new post. Subject to our review that will be how it is treated.

Thanks for the information Paul,



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