Recreation Trails Strategy for BC


I received the following information on the weekend.

The Recreation Trails Strategy for BC, is well into the second phase of development. The first phase, completed last year, assessed the status of BC’s current recreation trail network and proposed a process for developing a made-in-BC trails strategy. Phase 2 involves the development of a Trails Strategy by a broad-based Trails Strategy Committee.

The Committee’s task is to create an effective framework for guiding future decision making and establishing clear direction for the planning, managing, marketing and sustainable use of BC’s extensive trail network.

The Committee consists of members from provincial ministries and agencies;regional and local governments; academic institutions; recreation trail user groups, including the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC; and an Aboriginal representative to provide a First Nations perspective.

Your transportation, recreation, and touring cyclists representative is Jack Becker of the BCCC ( The mountain biking representative is James Brown of IMBA (

A primary task of the Committee is to address key issues identified in the trails survey conducted during phase 1 of the project. These issues include important considerations such as trail access, sustainable funding, insurance and liability, environmental concerns, compliance and enforcement, etc.

Cyclists note, that the definition of “Trails” includes rail-trails, dyke
paths, multi-use paths, among other paths which may be used for cycling.

Additional information, documents, and regular updates on the Recreation Trails Strategy for BC can be found on the MTSA website at:

Provincial Trails

Please review these documents and provide your thoughts, issues, and strategies on non-mountain biking cycling to Jack Becker ( These will be consolidated and passed on to the committee and the Ministry. Input to the next committee meeting should be provided by Feb. 25, 2008.



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