Bike Lanes – untouched by Human Hands


Yesterday afternoon I got in a longer ride, from Glenmore down to KLO and back. The bike lanes are in rough shape, although the warmer weather has resulted in less snow and ice – there is a lot of dirt, debris and some ice and snow left on them.

The above photo was taken from Abbot St. facing North along Cedar towards Lakeshore. I found it ironic in that the bike sign is one of a small number posted in our city and yet the lane it refers to is covered in ice, snow and dirt and at the Lakeshore end it is obstructed by two parked vehicles. The bike lane is dirty enough that I could not tell if it extended to the area of the parked vehicles or if it ends before the intersection (like many others in our area). An “X” through the cycling sign might be more appropriate.

It seemed that a larger than usual number of motorists acted (in relation to me as a cyclist) as if they were visually impaired. Perhaps by the end of the summer they will be used to cyclists again.

Be careful out there,

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