Carless in Kelowna


The insurance on our car is up this weekend. We use it for about 4 short trips per week – less in the warmer seasons. Since the insurance is due at the same time as almost every other bill we receive we have decided to leave it parked for a couple to three weeks. We need it in mid march but will do without it till then.

Last week we made a point of picking up bulky and heavy items so that we don’t have to bring them home by bike or bus. I am sure we have forgot a few things and will have to find some creative methods of getting them home.

A few services we use and some distances away from our residence:

groceries, post office and video store – 2.5 km. (5 km. round trip)

bank – 3.5 km.

library and downtown area – 8 km.

All of these are available to us via shanks pony, bicycle or transit. Transit is the least available option particularly on Sundays and in the evening.

While discussing this, we realized that we know very few people in town who do not own a car and very few who only own one vehicle. Most have two or more it seems.



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