An Overlooked Energy Resource


If you take a look at our population you will notice that we have a huge resource of energy available to us. Some would call it obesity but it is really stored energy. By driving instead of walking and cycling we have converted petroleum energy to body fat. Not that many years ago, most people walked a lot, some rode bikes and cars were regarded as a luxury, only used when distances were impractical to walk. The result was that few people were noticeably overweight.

I could easily loose 15 lb. (some may say more). Lets convert that to cycling distances. 15 lb. is (3500X15) 52,500 cal. Estimates are that cycling will use about 500 cal. per hour so that figure translates into about (52,500/500) = 105 hours of cycling. If I travel at a 20 km/hr average I will go 2100 km on my “energy storage”.

It would be better for us as individuals and the planet in particular if we didn’t go about converting fossil fuels to fat. Our children and grandchildren might appreciate having some petroleum products (not to mention clean air and a human friendly environment) left to use rather than liposucting “grandpa and grandma” to produce biodiesel.



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