Kelowna Cycling Road Report – Feb. 23, 2008


Being carless and enjoying the warmer weather I have been cycling in town quite a bit. Today I ended up well down in the Mission and travelled quite a few of the main routes on my way. All except for the portion of Gordon from Cooke St. to Springfield have not been swept. That portion was swept recently by the looks of it and was a distinct improvement over all other bike lanes.

Since it was Saturday mid day, the traffic wasn’t too bad – a concern as “taking a lane” to avoid dirt, glass and various car bits was a very regular part of the ride.

A few things to be aware of:

– lots of sand on the bike lanes and corners – take care when cornering.

– lots of debris in the bike lanes.

– most snow and ice is gone but there is a lot of moisture and many areas could be slippery on cold mornings till the sun melts things off.

– since there have been few cyclists on the roads over the last few months, a lot of drivers are “visually challenged” as far as bikes are concerned.

On a different note, I see that the City (or utility or both) have got rid of the three wooden utility poles that were in the middle of the east bound bike lane on Gordon, just before the intersection with Dehart Rd.  Good news.



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