Carless in Kelowna – update


My wife and I have been without the car (no insurance) for a little over 2 weeks now. This isn’t a big deal but there are still things to be learned. The weather has been good so that was a plus. Things we have discovered, even though we don’t tend to use the car very much when it is insured:

– we plan trips very carefully now.

– we need another set of panniers – we have one and one half pair right now and it isn’t enough.

– make sure to have back and front lights on your bike. We found this out the hard way, coming home without headlights after a longer than planned meeting. We will be getting some of the small led front lights as spares, just in case. We do have led rear lights permanently installed already.

– the local transit service is better than I thought. At one point we had a visitor for a few days who travelled in by Greyhound bus. I was able to meet her (by bike) at the bus depot and then take two buses to get home. It took a bit longer than driving but did work out well. This would have been a bigger problem in the evening and weekends(due to a restricted transit schedule) but worked out well during business hours.

– for convenience sake, live close to services. We are about 2.5 km from a decent grocery store – that isn’t too bad but if you need something later in the evening you tend to do without till the next day.

– being flexible saves a lot of grief. For example if you are missing the ingredients for supper, make something different. If you are out of bread, put the bread machine on.

Note: the smaller “community” transit buses cannot take bikes on the front rack during the hours of darkness (1/2 hour after dusk to 1/2 hour before dawn). There are no such problems with the regular full size buses.



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