Recreational Riding – a few ideas


Very recently, seeing my pannier and helmet, a lady mentioned that she would love to cycle. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity! It turns out she isn’t in very good shape and lives in a very hilly area of Westbank. Understandably she isn’t keen about cycling near home.

My suggestion was to take the bus with her bike to a nice scenic flat area, go for a ride and then take the bus home. An acquaintance does that regularly, taking the bus into town with her bike, cycling around town and then taking the bus home. She has an enjoyable outing, gets as much exercise as she wants, has no parking problems and gets to relax while coming and going.

One great option (and it will be much better once the pedestrian tunnel under Hwy 97 at the Okanagan Lake Bridge is available again) is to take the bus to the Queensway terminal and then ride through City park onto the Abbot Street corridor. Other than two or three blocks between Queensway and Kerry park, all of that area is quite bike friendly (actually the best area of town for easy cycling) and certainly suitable for novice cyclists and those who wish to enjoy some great scenery.

You can also travel the other way along the walkway on the water front to ride past the Kelowna Yacht club and continue into the North end. Don’t take this route if you are in a hurry as there are lots of pedestrians and dogs during the warmer times of the year.

The downtown area along Bernard Ave. is very handy to City Park and bike lanes and I would recommend trying the Bean Scene coffee house in the 200 block of Bernard for a coffee and treat at some point in your ride (no I don’t have a financial interest in the shop). The Bean Scene isn’t a big chain and has character – all of their coffees are organic and some are also fair trade.

Our transit buses have racks on the front for two bikes. They are often empty but during summer months are used more often. Be flexible and you should be able to get a space for your bike.

Another option is to use a folding bike and carry it aboard. These bikes are becoming more common and are certainly an option if you are in the market for a bike to get around the neighborhood. There are some quite good ones available now for about $500 – use the carbon tax “dividend” in June for a downpayment. One common fairly priced make of folding bike is Dahon. Here are a few models with prices in Canadian dollars:

dahon folders



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