Orchard Park Mall – no friend to cyclists



Today while cycling down Springfield towards town we came across two fellows with leaf blowers – one at the sidewalk along Springfield next to the Mall parking lot and one across Dilworth near the property where the Farmer’s market is. Both were blowing leaves, sand and other debris off the sidewalk and grass along Springfield, into the bike lane. We stopped as we approached the fellow next to the Mall parking lot or would have been covered in blown debris from several feet (he was situated with his back towards traffic). He indicated, when I expressed my displeasure, that he worked for the mall.

I guess common sense isn’t so common.

As you can see from the cloud formation in the background, we were risking a soaking today but fortunately managed to avoid it. My wife had one close call from a vehicle making an unannounced right turn into her. Par for the course some days and certainly keeps the heart beating at a good clip.



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