Wrap up for the last couple of weeks


A few things that need follow up:

I have emailed the transportation dept of the City asking for further details on the claim that 1 in 7 Kelowna residents commute by bike – no answer to date.

An item that I noticed in HomePower magazine indicates that 1 gallon US (3.785 litres) of gas stores 31,000 kcal. The average man burns about 2500 kcal per day and traveling 10 km on a bike would use about 250 kcal (really rough estimate but it gives you the idea). If he used his motor vehicle to travel the same distance he would use the following caloric amounts of gasoline:

24 mpg (Imp) 11.76 litres / 100 km 10,849 kcal appr. 4 days food

36 mpg (Imp) 7.84 litres / 100 km 7,233 kcal appr. 3 days food

48 mpg (Imp) 5.88 litres / 100 km 5424 kcal appr. 2 days food

Keep in mind that it is a rare vehicle that gets even 30 mpg when started cold and driven a short distance.

A bicycle is quite efficient and if you consider the above calories needed to get a loaf of bread with your car (which you can just as easily do with a bike), what a waste of energy.

One other thing to consider here is that governments in N. America and Europe are really pushing bio fuels. This sounds great but there are some major problems. Food prices, particularly grains and corn, are going through the roof because we are beginning to burn food in our gas tanks. Conversion of grains and corn into bio diesel and ethanol are very inefficient and over time will lead to huge soil problems to say nothing about taking food out of the mouths of the poor to feed the gas tanks of the rich (thats most of us by the way).

I also noticed an article mentioning that in Toronto 1% of commuters biked to work, 4.8% walked, 22% took transit and 71.1% drove. Not that different than Kelowna (unless we take the 1 in 7 figure seriously) except that transit use is much higher in Toronto. You can find the article here:

Toronto commuting



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