Cycling Signs


Kelowna has a distinct aversion to using cycling signs. I don’t understand this as other cities, Vancouver and Nanaimo for example use them all over the place. Vancouver uses a combination of signs on posts (not only the usual graphic bicycle but ones indicating different actions allowed for bikes and not for cars) and also the painted graphic on street surfaces. Nanaimo has dozens and dozens of both types. Each route, laned or not, designated for bicycles has regular (every block or two) posted signs, often with a route description below (eg. “Smith St. bike route”).

It seems clear to me that posting signs on bike routes does a few things:

– lets drivers know that bicycles are to be expected on these routes.

– increases the level of awareness on the part of drivers – increasing the likelihood that they accept and will be more careful of those riding.

– helps cyclists, particularly those new to town, to find routes.

– indicates to both cyclists and motorists that the city accepts and encourages bicycle riders.

– works well along with bicycle maps to assist in route finding.

– is a first step towards improving cycling infrastructure. A foot in the door so to speak. The signs set the stage for building more and better cycling routes and infrastructure and for letting the general populace know that cycling is regarded as an important part of the transportation network.



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