Moving by Bike


I received an email from a Kelowna resident a short time ago. He recently did a move from the downtown area to another residence near the college, all by bike. He suggested that doing so at night worked well as the Abbot St. corridor was very quiet.

There are a few websites mentioned “bike moves” and as I recall a few have been done in Toronto – at least one in a few inches of snow.

He did the move with his bike and trailer and offered to assist if anyone else was planning to do the same in future. He also suggested that such a move(s) would be great publicity for cycling in our area – perhaps an idea for the cycling coalition.

If anyone out there has a small household and is planning to move, keep this in mind. Send in a comment and I will post it on this blog to see if a few dedicated cyclists are interested in helping out. Please don’t expect us to help move your grand piano however!

Thanks Keith.



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