Kelowna and Area Cycling Coalition (KACC)


I was reminded recently that the City of Kelowna had originally formed the KACC. This was a reminder by one of the city’s transportation department. Considering that 1) the city seems to feel that the KACC is “their” cycling body and that 2) the city has not been particularly responsive to suggestions and requests by the KACC, maybe it is time to disolve the KACC and form a new cycling advocacy group.

I suggest that the group be independent of the City and that the name reflect that. My suggestion for a name is the “Kelowna Independent Cycling Association” (KIC-ASS). Most organizations have a “vision statement” or “statement of purpose but I propose that KIC-ASS have a manifesto.

One of the first actions of this group should be a public presentation to the City of a gallon of white paint along with a small and large stencil of a bike (for use on pavement). A demonstration could also be made to show how these items work together to provide signs for cyclists and others.

Any ideas for inclusion in the manifesto are welcome – feel free to comment.



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