Carless in Kelowna – further update.


We managed quite easily to go without the car for just under a month (Feb. 16th to March 13th). This has saved us money for insurance, fuel and maintenance and has had an impact on our fitness. It was certainly not a big deal and resulted in better trip and meal planning. We needed the vehicle for a trip so had to insure it.

It has made us aware that even though we live fairly close to a few services, our city is too spread out and has few services close to where most of us live. Most people won’t walk more than a few blocks (in fact most drive 100 to 300 feet to get to their neighborhood mail box).

We also became more aware that transit service is pretty decent during business hours during the week but is lousy in the evenings and not much better on weekends.

As long as the City lets developers create more sprawl and does not ensure that nearby services are provided such as grocery and drug stores, we will remain the capital of the “single occupancy vehicle”. This attitude is very expensive (ie the triple bottom line – monetarily, environmentally and socially). It requires more and bigger roads, more paved parking lots, creates more congestion with it’s attendant pollution and GHG production and makes our city less friendly and beautiful. Must we “pave over paradise? When will we wake up?



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