Extra Foods


Last week my wife and I cycled downtown and then to Extra foods to pick up a few groceries. Trying to get to or from Extra foods by bike is an adventure – Gordon is miserable and very busy in that area and Sutherland has a block or two of bike lanes heading towards the lake but is otherwise nasty. Travel the streets in this area only if you are prepared to aggressively take a lane.

Extra foods has one small bike rack at the front of the store (facing Gordon). Since that is the busiest area, it is where we chose to park our bikes – I avoid any hidden and out of the way areas as I feel it is an invitation to bike thieves. That afternoon the bike rack had one bike locked to it and one German Shepherd tied to it. Rather than take a chance on the dog (whose disposition, I am sure, was totally calm, gentle and inviting – despite the big teeth) we walked both bikes into the mall and I sat on a bench and kept an eye on them while Jude did the shopping.

I was hoping that management would take exception to bringing the bikes inside as I was quite prepared to tell them that their bike parking needed improvement. No such luck.

This store has one of the highest numbers of cyclists visiting it of any grocery store that I have seen in town. You would think that management would have noticed this and done more to accommodate them – not so far.

As we were leaving a young lady with her bike asked us where we had locked our bikes. She couldn’t get room on the small bike rack and the only suggestion I could give her was a tree across from the main enterance or a wheeled cart used by Extra foods as a plant display. I did suggest that she mention the lack of parking to management.



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