Cycling Rutland area


Over the last few days I have had occasion to both cycle and drive from North Glenmore to the Hwy 33/ Rutland Rd. areas and back to Glenmore. Cycling is an experience, notably in areas to avoid. Driving of course is convenient, relatively safe and non threatening.

I have come to the conclusion that as far as cycling in Kelowna goes, avoid any route with the word “Highway” in it. That takes care of most if not all roads that are the responsibility of our Provincial (Motor Vehicle) Transportation Dept. – Hwy 97 and Hwy 33.

Riding on Hwy 33 is an experience in sharing a lane with big pickups – there isn’t a heck of a lot of room for a cyclist once one of these behemoths takes over the lane. For some reason the drivers of some (not all of course) of these monsters seem to have an attitude to match the vehicle size.

Returning from Rutland and heading towards Enterprise, we ended up cycling on Houghton Rd. and then over to Hwy 33 (heading towards Hwy 97). It was a route that took us out of the way and even then we ended up on the sidewalk for several blocks. Of course when driving, Hwy 33 is convenient and there is little danger of being run off the road by road hogs with big vehicles.

A better route would have been to backtrack to Leathead Rd. and then down to Enterprise but it was even more out of the way. Motor vehicle operators would not be expected to backtrack anywhere and in fact most would complain if they had to go even a few blocks out of the way. Cyclists are expected to do this and to accept it as part of the penalty for riding a bike.



One Response to “Cycling Rutland area”

  1. Chris Says:

    Whats a good route for Lake Country to Kelowna? Do you know if its possible to ride by the traintracks behind the airport?

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