Electric Bikes and the Law


Electric bikes are still a bit of a novelty in our area and to some of our local police members, an unknown quantity. My wife was stopped once last summer and “cross examined” about riding her e-bike in the bike lane. Another day an off duty member of the local force asked her about it and mentioned that in Saskatchewan, where he had recently been posted, they were not allowed to operate as bicycles. He added that Saskatchewan was quite a bit more “progressive” about this than B.C. If that’s the case, I’d sure hate to see a backward area.

We ended up taking the applicable portion of the Motor Vehicle Act and keeping a copy with the bike. If you need this you can find the information here:


The above link covers the applicable portions of the Motor Vehicle Act and the Motor Assisted cycle Regulation (under the MVA).

On a more general note, it is not unusual to find that many members of our police force are not very familiar with the cycling provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act. If you are challenged on a maneuver by one of the local police, be polite but also be prepared to look up the Act to see if you are correct or not.



2 Responses to “Electric Bikes and the Law”

  1. Deni Dawson Says:

    Hi. Owning an ebike company in Saskatchewan and Alberta, we can tell you that ebikes are perfectly legal in Saskatchewan, not the opposite as reported in your article above. Not only are they Transport Canada approved (as you kow) but they are also approved by SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance) as power assist bicycles. Riders are entitled to ride in the same places and manner as they would their 10 speeds or Mountain bikes. The police department here has also written a number of articles for the local papers, outlining the fact that they ARE legal. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

  2. typeopege Says:

    Outstanding writing. Hope to definitely visit again=)

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