Good cycling route from Lake Country to Kelowna?


Chris has asked “Whats a good route for Lake Country to Kelowna? Do you know if its possible to ride by the train tracks behind the airport?”

I don’t have any really good suggestions but here are the current options.

– Hwy 97 from Lake Country in to Spencer Rd. (goes across the north end of the airport) and then follow that onto Old Vernon Hwy and around to Rutland Rd and into Rutland. This is the long way around and involves Hwy 97 which is unpleasant.

– Hwy 97 to Reid’s Corner (Hwy 97 and Sexsmith) and then up into the Glenmore Valley on Sexsmith and into the downtown area on Valley or Glenmore Roads etc. The highway heading south isn’t pleasant but isn’t too dangerous. Don’t go back this way as the extremely narrow shoulder on Hwy 97 at the Ellison overpass is dangerous.

– avoid Glenmore road as it is narrow and dangerous from near the Landfill to Lake Country.

– I don’t know about the side of the rail right of way but do know that it would be regarded as trespassing – whether that is a concern or not.

– Hwy 97 to UBCO and then across Robert Rd. (private) and into the Glenmore Valley. Doesn’t fall within UBCO’s “invitees and guest” use of the private road but who is going to check.

Last but not least, get in touch with the politicians from Lake Country and Kelowna and tell them that this situation is poor and that they must work together to remedy it. Doug Elmore is currently circulating a petition in the Kelowna bike shops asking for a feasibility study towards improving the cycling situation on Glenmore Road – please sign it.

If anyone has any better ideas on a route(s) please post a comment. Are there any routes nearer to Okanagan Lake (trails and the like)? I do know of a trail in from McKinley landing but can you reach that area from Lake Country?



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