Cycling Events Kelowna


A couple of cycling related events are happening soon.

The Grand Opening of the first phase of the Rails with Trails – May 2nd from 9:30 to 10:30 – next to Bankhead Elementary School. If you wish to attend please call the City as this is apparently by invitation. The route is almost finished – we rode it from Gordon to High Road the other day and it is really a “Bicycle Freeway”. The City and Province deserve credit for this. I would encourage them to continue on with the phases out to the Airport as soon as possible – maybe set a precedent by completing the bike/pedestrian portion before the freeway planned for the same area. With increasing gas prices and GHG concerns bike routes should be given more priority.

Bike to Work Week is from the 4th of May to the 10th of May 2008. You can find more information here:

The event is always interesting in that there are “celebration stations” at different locations within the City each day of the week. They have goodies for cyclists including refreshments and they also have a mechanic available to give your bike a quick check and lube.

At the end of the week a bar-b-q is hosted, usually at Parkinson Rec Centre (not sure if it is there this year but check the above link for more detail). If you can form a team with workmates there are prizes to be won. I expect that most people reading this post already ride to work but perhaps you can use Bike to Work Week to get some of your friends or workmates to try out cycling to work. It is to our benefit to get more cyclists on the road.

Various city employees will be involved in the organization of the event so consider using it to voice any concerns you have about biking facilities.



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