Hauling by bike


Many times I have thought of having a bike trailer – again. When our daughter was young I hauled her around quite a bit in a bike trailer – one day bringing back some pots of bedding plants (and daughter) from the Mission area into North Glenmore. It wasn’t too bad to haul and enabled big loads to be carried. On another memorable occasion, I was towing it down a moderate hill on Glenmore and swerved the bike to avoid a stick of firewood. One trailer wheel hit the stick, flipping the trailer (and daughter) onto it’s side at a pretty good rate of speed. No one was hurt but we all had nightmares afterwards.

We haul quite a few groceries and books and the like in paniers but at times it would be nice to be able to handle bigger items. Enter the cargo bike. These are big in Europe – take a look at this link for some photos and ideas. I particularly like the three wheeled bike with the child compartment on the front. It looks very secure and the rider can see exactly what is going on in the area of the children.


Here is another link with some photos of what can be done (but maybe shouldn’t) by bike:


The Xtracycle is a bolt on rear for a regular bike that gives it a long wheel base and allows a lot of cargo (kids etc) to be hauled. They look quite interesting as the bike is still nice to ride and yet very handy. More information here:


Tony Hoar, on Vancouver Island, makes trailers that allow for hauling kayaks with a bike. The picture at the top of this page has a cyclist pulling two kayaks:


It is pretty amazing what can be hauled with a bike.



One Response to “Hauling by bike”

  1. Andrew Angus Says:

    Hey John,

    Just saw your post and wanted to get your thoughts on my new trailer. It is not quite as exciting as a trailer that pulls a kayak or canoe but for groceries it is a pretty cool trailer. I would love your thoughts as we are testing the first prototype now .. We are then makign some final adjustments based on peoples comments before launch the new trailer.

    You can check it out at http://www.cargobicycletrailer.com/c/new-trailernew-trailer/


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