Cyclists are customers also


A couple of days ago we were out picking up a few items by bike and ended up at Art Knapps on Springfield. There are no places to lock up a bike except for the wooden post at the front door. That would require a cable and certainly would not allow the use of a secure U lock. We ended up taking both bikes inside and even then had trouble finding a place to lean them. I stayed with them while Jude picked up about $50 worth of seed and gift certificates.

While there I “cornered” one of the staff members and brought the lack of bike parking to her attention. She told me that quite a few people had mentioned that and it had been brought to the attention of their management in the past. I also informed her about the City of Kelowna program whereby they pay one half the cost of a good bike rack plus installation (on older buildings put up before proper bike racks were required by the City’s zoning bylaw).

We then carried on to Quality Greens on Spall. This is a newer building and was built when the zoning bylaw requiring proper bike racks was in place. The photo at the top shows the one bike rack they installed – and how improper location has resulted in it being bent inwards (very likely by a motor vehicle as I doubt it could have been done by a cyclist or pedestrian). Note that this is a similar placement to the parking meter/bike racks put in by the city on Bernard – placing bikes at risk from auto bumpers.

About a year ago, I knew one of the staff of Quality Greens. She told me that the store management was quite concerned that cyclists were bringing their bikes into the store – pretty understandable as there was only the one rack and no other places to securely lock a bike. Their answer was the “concrete wheel breaker” that is show in the photo below.

The fact that many developers/builders/owners are ignoring the current bylaw regarding the placement of secure bike racks at new buildings has been brought to the attention of city staff on a number of occasions over the last two years. They have advised that their bylaw is not enforceable – how long do we have to wait till they do something about this. If they ever decide to do something about this then perhaps they would consider outlawing the concrete wheel breaker style of “bike rack”.

In the meantime I would suggest that those businesses who do not cater to cyclists in a reasonable manner do not deserve our business.



2 Responses to “Cyclists are customers also”

  1. Cathy Richards Says:

    Landmark 2 is also without bike racks. I’ve emailed them to ask them to fix this, and cc’d Mike Kittmer.

  2. kendra Says:

    Seriously! I ride my bike everywhere in my town, and right now the town is installing bike racks with businesses logos on them. I am really annoyed when one corporate bank type thing where I have had an account for 10 years told me none of their customers rode bikes, and even now knowing that their customers do ride bikes there, is refusing to get one. I’m totally pulling my money out and going someplace more bike friendly.

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