Geoff Greenwell on Kelowna as a “car defined city”.


I noticed this quote recently by Geoff Greenwell, a Lake Country Councillor. This was published in Okanagan Life Magazine some time ago and Geoff has been kind enough to allow me to use it.

"GREENWELL: I dont think Kelowna has neighbourhoods. I think whats
happened is, with consumerism comes inverse consumerism. People want
everything, but then they want to know, but where can I get it even
cheaper. I want all this but I also want it as cheap as I can possibly
get it.
So were about to see a 220,000 square foot Wal-Mart be built on
Westbank First Nation Lands so everybodys going to drive over there.
Were all driving over there. Gone are the days . When I grew up in
England, the neighbourhood was somewhere where you could walk to buy
anything you needed. You didnt drive anywhere. I didnt have a car when
I was a kid. My parents didnt drive. You didnt need to drive. You
walked to the store and you walked back and if you needed something big,
theyd deliver it for you. Not everybody needed a pick-up truck because
they would bring it to you. But now you go to buy things at most stores,
people dont even want to deliver it any more, no, no, you have to take
it away.
So were not developing neighbourhoods, were making people our
landscape here is defined by the automobile. Our urban planning is
defined by the automobile. We have everything you go to the mall
where you can park a thousand cars. Is there any transit to the mall,
no. So I think our landscape in Kelowna is completely defined by the

It appears that I am not alone in thinking this way.



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