Bicycle World


*No bike rack at work or at your favourite shop?
*Notice that bike lanes are becoming favourite parking spots for pickups and suvs?
*Concerned about public health and the environment?
*What a safe place for your kids to bike?
*How can we work together as cyclists to ensure proper attention to bike friendly infrastructure for Kelowna and area?

Consider joining and participating in the KACC.

The mission of the Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition is to promote and encourage the increased use of bicycles. The Coalition works with other cycling organizations and individual cyclists to represent the interests of cyclists in general and to secure improved conditions for bicycling

Its major aims are
* To raise the profile of cycling with the government and the public consistent with its health, recreational, environmental and economic benefits
* To work toward a greater recognition of cycling as a part of the transportation network and incorporate bicycle use into policy, legislation and infrastructure to improve conditions and safety for cyclists.
*To encourage bicycle use among the public and promote safety and awareness through education/incentive programs for all road users

Call Don Knox at 764-2498 or email Grant at




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