UBC-O cycle access


Hello Folks,

Many people have enquired about the proposed bicycle access to UBC-O from the east.

Recently we have heard from the BC Ministry of Transportation and the City of Kelowna and both are expecting to work something out with CN Railway.

Here is an email from the Ministry regarding the railway crossing.

Thanks to everyone working on this issue.

Don (KACC):

The City, UBC and Ministry of Transportation are working together on delivering the bike path connection over the next couple of months, and things are looking quite positive.

Ron Westlake, City of Kelowna Transportation Manager met with CN officials in Edmonton last week, and he response was very positive. We will be preparing a proposal for their consideration within the next couple of weeks.

I also met with Gord Lovegrove on site last week to walk the route and discuss the overall strategy for providing safe bicycle access from Reid’s Corner to UBC, the Airport and points north. The meeting was very productive, with Gord providing a couple of good suggestions that are being followed up

There will be safe bike access to the UBC campus prior to the start of the fall term.

Bill Smith.


One Response to “UBC-O cycle access”

  1. Glen Maddess Says:

    When we talk about UBCO bike access, we should also include the number of riders from the Quail Ridge Residential Community. This residential community which is linked by a perimeter trail to UBCO and a unauthorized private property gravel pit road (Hollywood Road alignment) does not have a safe bike access to the Rutland area. There are a number of recreational users in this area who until recently were able to use the short official bike section alongside the UBC overpass which ended alongside the RR tracks thence dipped under Highway 97, through an old rough private property connection that crossed the RR and connected to Bulman. This short unofficial section was closed off last week by a large gate noting that is was on private property. As mentioned this route allowed a rider to safely cross the RR tracks and ride along the Bulman, Hereron, Ackland, Old Vernon Rd, Rutland Rd alignments. While only the Rutland Rd alignment has a bike path it was a considerably safer route with open streets and its’ minimal industrial traffic.
    The latest situation precludes the news that there will be a safe bike access to the UBC campus prior to the start of the fall term less than one month away. It also reinforces the isolation that Quail Ridge bike riders have in accessing our city safely. Highway 97 is not a safe route for a person riding a bike!
    I trust that this unsafe situation will be noted and quickly addressed.

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