Bike chain fairy


I haven’t mentioned my bikes on this blog before and in keeping with good news stories I should probably mention them.

Don Knox our coalition chair has had in the past many many bikes stored at his place and I was fortunate to receive a Apollo Cobra 10 speed from him. It is an 80s era bike. That was the prime era for my bike riding epiphany. The bike has those down low shifters and the original seat. It does everything I ask of it, even riding no hands. Now I need a classic all styrofoam helmet to go with it.

Recently a bike fairy dropped by and cleaned up my chain. Just like new. I really appreciate it.

My other or back up bike is a Myata 21 speed hybrid bike from ’96. It was my answer for riding on uncleaned roads. I don’t recall getting a flat with the larger tires and it is my regular pannier bicycle for shopping.

I’ll take some pictures and post them sometime.

One less car and two more bikes for the road.



One Response to “Bike chain fairy”

  1. Cathy Richards Says:

    either that bike fairy loves cleaning chains, or they think you’re pretty special, or both.

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