Top Ten List


Here is a list of items that the Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition is working on or feels should be worked on by governments.

Some of these were brought up at the BC Cycling Coalition meeting June 14th at UBC-O.

Please send us your feedback.

Glenmore Rd. – This section of road is lacking Cycle lanes. It is an important Commuter and Recreational link but is dangerous to ride.

The Bridge – a Public Focus group formed by the Province in 1995, recommended the configuration (existent on the old bridge) of separated cycle/pedestrian lanes on both sides of the new bridge. Between 2001 (the last meeting held by the Province) and 2003 (when the Cycle Coalition became aware of a change of plans) the province made an ‘in-house’ decision to provide only one lane on the south side. The resulting configuration is less than satisfactory and acts as a deturrant to cycling.

Access to UBCO – since 1993 the Cycling community has been attempting to secure safe access to the Campus from both the North and the South side. Although there has been some progress, there are still barriers to safely accessing the site on a bicycle.

Signed Bike Routes – There is a need to create a defined series of dedicated, signed and traffic calmed cycle routes throughout the city. While this process has begun, it needs to be placed on a higher priority by the city.

Enforcement – there needs to be a more consistent enforcement of the laws and bylaws in the City (particularly; 1-the Helmet Law, 2-obeying the motor vehicle laws and 3-riding on the proper side of the road.)

Data – there needs to be accurate data on current route use by cyclists to provide a base line for future planning.

Communication – there needs to be a more formal communication system established between the cycling community and the city departments. The city has been supportive of the cycling initiative but it is important to have a defined method of communicating and recording cycling issues in a formal manner.

Coordination with the Regional district – many of the Cycling issues deal with the whole Region (outside of the city of Kelowna).


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