Invitation to Westside Public Consultation Workshops for Development of a Cycling Master Plan


The BCCC would like to invite you to a consultation workshop and an assessment ride, part of developing a Westside Cycling Master Plan.  We would also like to invite other cyclists to attend, as well.  We could really use your help in spreading the word.  Please feel free to forward this message and the attached invitation to anyone you feel would be interested, including cycling groups.  If it is appropriate, you may also consider posting the invitation letters and poster on your company or community bulletin boards.

The consultation will try to solicit input from wide and diverse parties from the cycling community and the general public which the Cycling Master Plan may affect.  Besides those who live or work in Westside, there are many cyclists from adjoining communities who regularly cycle in Westside who may wish to contribute their thoughts.

On Wednesday, Oct. 8th at 6:00 pm in the evening, there will be a Cyclist and Public Consultation Workshop giving cyclists and the public an opportunity to bring forth their input at the beginning of the Plan development.

On Saturday, October 18th, the British Columbia Cycling Coalition will be holding a Cyclist Route Assessment Ride allowing cyclists to voice their thoughts on cycling the roads of Westside and where they would like to see cycling facilities.

For your information, we have attached the invitation letters for the consultations and a poster for the ride.  Please use these as you see fit.

We will look forward to your participation in these two events.  Also, the project team really appreciates your effort to spread the word, especially with such short notice.

Thanks, Jack Becker

For more info on this initiative please visit:


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